New Halo 3 map revealed

GamesRadar: Have you seen anything unusual or creative done to this map with Forge or custom games types?

LB: Well, because of the unique lines of sight, Shotty Sniper games are really, really intense on The Pit. There is a ton of cover, so if you can catch someone out in the open, sniping them is really satisfying. Team Swords also works really well. We've had some really cool games of Influential VIP too. As far as Forge, we'll just have to wait and see.

GamesRadar: What weapons, vehicles or equipment get used the most in "The Pit?"

LB: The Rocket Launcher is located dead center in the map, and it becomes contested, especially in Team Slayer or Free For All games. The Active Camo is also located along the center spine and that can become a tide turner as well. Each side of the map has a Regenerator, and those get used pretty frequently too, especially for returning that flag that is half way across the map.