New Gauntlet-style Ghostbusters game coming in 2011

Ghostbusters: Sactum of Slime in development for Xbox LIVE, PSN, and PC

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Atari and Sony have recently announced plans for a new Ghostbusters game scheduled to release in 2011 for Xbox LIVE, PSN, and the PC. Sub-titled ‘Sanctum of Slime’ the four-player action game will have you blasting ghosts with your proton pack.

According to Game Hunters, you can expect “gigantic bosses that require teamwork and the entirety of the ghostbusting arsenal: the proton stream, plasma inductor and the fermion shock.” You’ll also get to drive the Ecto-4WD. Early screenshots suggest that one player while drive while other players clear the streets by firing off proton streams.

Above: Four-player co-op can be played locally or online

Unfortunately, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime will not feature any of the cast from the original films. Also, there’s no news as to whether or not crossing the streams would be bad.

[Source: USA Today]

Dec 2, 2010