New Clips From Capitalism: A Love Story


Michael Moore, portly thorn in the side of self-serving corporations, politicans and retailers everywhere, returns with his latest doc, a left-leaning look at the banking crisis.

Filled with his usual flair for dramatic storytelling, his unique insights and breakdown of the facts into layman's terms, Capitalism comes on the 20th Anniversary of his first pic, Roger & Me .

Obviously not a love story in the 'happily-ever-after' sense, expect a scathing attack on the actions of bankers, from the Lehman Brothers fiasco to the US mortgage collapse, Moore won't take prisoners.

Thanks to Collider, who totally rock, for the video.



Capitalism: A love Story is released later this year.

Excited to see Moore stick it to the man? Or prefer to get your biased opinions from a right-leaning source? Opinions now!


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