New Burnout title takes a cartoony turn

ESRB description reveals ‘cartoony’ graphics, UFOs, and lobster monsters for 'Burnout Crash!'

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Burnout Crash may not be EA's best kept secret, but the publisher is still insisting on keeping quiet on the game. That's okay, because ratings boards around the world seem to be doing decent job of offering information on it, regardless.

The latest details come from the ESRB, which describes the secret title as a game “in which players earn points for creating traffic pileups.” The rest of the description makes it sounds like the next Burnout will break away from the more realistic visuals the series is remembered for:

“From a top-down perspective, players initiate crashes by driving 'cartoony' vehicles (e.g., cars, trucks, vans, buses) into busy intersections; multiple crashes trigger score multipliers and rack up large 'bills' of property damage. Each level is accompanied by crashing sounds, small explosions, and vocal encouragement (e.g., 'Cool,' 'Maximum Carnage!'). In some levels, players are instructed to crash into police cars (e.g., 'Crash them before they bust you!'); in other sequences, oversized airplanes, tornadoes, lobster monsters, and UFOs slide across the screen, destroying any vehicles in their path.”

Above: A screenshot from Burnout Paradise. It sounds like Burnout Crash will take on a much sillier visual style while holding on to the crash crazy nature of the series

Top down perspective, cartoony graphics, UFOs and lobster monsters? This doesn’t sound like your typical Burnout game.

May 9, 2011