Neil Marshall directing Burst

Neil Marshall has signed on to work with Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures to make Burst.

Gary Dauberman's script follows a group of stranded travelers caught in a blizzard who discover that they're being stalked by an evil force.

So far, so typical horror - but this deadly energy makes people spontaneously combust. And the victims will be going boom in 3D…

While the project was originally developed with Daniel Calparsoso in the big chair, it looks like Raimi and co have decided that Marshall's a better fit.

You can see why - he proved he can handle a group thrown together by horror with Dog Soldiers (below) and The Descent and it'll be fun to see him back to his horror roots with Raimi handing him the cash.

We're not sure if it'll be his next project, but it certainly sounds like he might get to work on it once he finishes Centurion…

[Source: Variety]

Marshall back to horror! Great idea or backwards step? Speak!


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