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    EAC POWR: bonus car.
    EAC RALY: Rusty Springs becomes Egyptian.
    EAC WARP: speedup.
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  • All the passwords you could possibly wish for&

    Track 01 WRDRTY :
    Track 02 ZDPBWN :
    Track 03 MTQRZP
    Track 04 JVPZLL :
    Track 05 ZYMNLH :
    Track 06 WMRPGZ
    Lost Vegas YXGSJJ :
    Track 08 KJPQND :
    Track 09 SDQWCG
    Track 10 SLZXDH :
    Track 11 SPZDFX :
    Track 12 ZVGRGX
    Track 13 XJHVCK
    More extra vehicles:To select these vehicles, simply enter the codes on the password sceen and then start the race. These codes are for player one - to use them for player two exchange the 'ME' at the end of the code 'UP'.
    BEETME - Trabant
    BNZME - Mercedes Benz
    JEPME - Comanche pick-up
    LCME - Toyota off-Road
    VOVME - Volvo
    TRAMME - TramS
    TDAME - Stand
    ASTDBME - Stand
    BSTDME - Stand C
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