Necro-Nesia [import] review

  • Survival-horror on Wii!
  • Squishing bug corpses
  • Horror designs pick up towards end
  • Controls are god-awful
  • Graphics are N64-ish
  • Everything a million times better in RE

Melee combat fares no better. Pressing B brings up your chosen beating implement and flicking the remote takes a swipe. There’s no remote/beating-stick movement mapping - any gesture will result in the same attack animation. This animation is an excruciatingly drawn-out swipe, with the protagonist more often than not left swinging into thin air like a drunk trying to hit a piñata. You can’t move while attacking, so to maximize the chances of ever actually managing to plant a hit, you have to get up really close and personal, literally pressing your body against a foe before instigating a whack.

Running away is often the only option and is probably the best course of action with regard to the title too; it’ll only bug the hell out of you otherwise.

More Info

Release date: Dec 02 2006 - Wii (US)
Available Platforms: Wii
Published by: Spike
Developed by: Spike


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