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NCAA Football 98 Cheats

  • Unlockable Teams

    A Variety of champion teams from several different schools and years are buried in the game. To play as one of these teams, first select Exhibition from the main menu. Press X at the team selection screen, and once again on the following screen to get to the next menu.Now just enter any of the passwords in the "User Records" screen.(you can get all the hidden teams to appear by entering all the passwords one at a time, overwriting the same spot every time you hear "It's in the game.") After you enter the last letter of a password, you should hear the announcer say "It's in the game." Now go back to the team selection screen. The teams you entered will be at the beginning of the alphabetical team list. You can't save these to a memory card, so you'll have to enter them each time you want to use them.
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  • Unlockable Teams

    JEXLAD - '73 Albama
    OEDYIJ - '78 Albama
    WHVCIR - '89 Albama
    ZDDJOT - '92 Albama
    CEVHETS - '89 Colorado
    VEWOJ - '96 Florida
    MYLQLOH - '93 Florida State
    RCIXRE - '96 Florida State
    ZOWS - '82 Georgia
    EIWQOH - '83 Miami
    WEVKIM - '87 Miami
    WMIXJ - '89 Miami
    WYGGKEP - '91 Miami
    ANOYSAJ - '94 Miami
    BSEPMAJ - '65 Michigan State
    KCIZRE - '91 Michigan
    IGSI - '83 Nebraska
    EGAXRIM - '91 Nebraska
    SNXAI - '93 Nebraska
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