NBA Live 07 and ESPN

Cancel your gym membership. The ESPN integration built into NBA Live 07 finally guarantees that all us wannabe sports junkies will never get off the couch to pursue the dream. During EA’s Summer Showcase 06, we had the opportunity to get a glimpse at the true-to-life sports content streaming next-gen style.

Every 20 minutes, ESPN updates will be streamed into your pretty little next-gen box (that is, your 360. So far, PS3 is expected, but not yet confirmed). These updates include all the regular stuff you’d come to expect from ESPN - scores, top news, bottom news - as well as next-gen content such as audio, full-length podcasts, text newsfeeds, and video.

For instance, break your fast break to break into the latest ESPN Radio podcast like The Dan Patrick Show, Mike & Mike, PTI, etc. Or, say there’s a crazy new story exploding onto the sports media circus… somebody else is crying or rubbing lab cream all over his or her body. If you’re in game and see the headline through the ticker, jump over to the content and search text stories on the biggest news of the day from ESPN and the Associated Press.

If reading isn’t your strong suit, tune into the radio or wait for the debate to boil over via podcast. We mentioned video too, didn’t we? Thanks to the ESPN Motion technology you'll be able to stream interviews and ever-popular ESPN shows such as Around the Horn, Cold Pizza, Jim Rome is Burning or SportsCenter straight to your console. Who knows, depending on streaming technology, real-time ESPNEWS isn’t out of the question.

Again, this preview comes with a warning. Do the math. Next-gen gaming combined with all the great stuff that is ESPN? We’re through the looking glass here people, and your ass could conceivably become your couch. Wear pants that match your cushions.

By the way, there’s a whole next-gen basketball game we haven’t even begun to uncover. Stay tuned for more in the future.


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