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NBA Jam 2002 Cheats, Codes & Guides

NBA Jam 2002 Cheats

  • Unlock Courts

    Put in LHNGGDBLBJGT for a code to get the Street and Beach courts
    Submitted by None
  • Good Season

    First you go to season game and go under password.Then,you put LTJPCDKGMBFP and you will be the Minnesota will have 9 games won.
    Submitted by Randy
  • Get All Rookie Team

    Go to password on playoffs and put in LHNGBKBBBHKC
    Submitted by sportwlb
  • Get All NBA Team

    Go to password on season and put in LHNGBTBBBHTL
    Submitted by sportwlb
  • First level of playoffs won

    Under password punch in the following: MKJLBFQBLDGH and you will have the first section beat. You will be the Tronto Raptors
    Submitted by None

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Available Platforms: Game Boy