NBA Inside Drive 2004 Cheats

NBA Inside Drive 2004 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by jordan

    Win Game With Close Score

    Ok when you're in a game and its the 4th quarter and its a close score and you're ball...all u have to do is get the ball bring it up court and wait for the the time and you're shot clock to go down and then when its around 3 second left in the shot clock.. call a timeout and then pas it in to your best shooter (press Y to see what players to pass to then do that and then immediately shoot and u should get fouled and then go to the line and score em and time will be low and u should have the game.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    Go to the options screen and to the Codes menu. Put in a code below. Repeat code to disable the effect

    Code Result
    HOTSAUCE Max Turbo
    IMFLYING Easy Alley Oops
    DOWNTOWN Chicago Skyline Stadium
    RAINING3S Easy 3 Pointers
    UNLIMITED Unlimited player creation points
    ICECREAM Extra Players
    MOONCHY Tiny Ball
    FUNKY Get ABA ball
    ARELESS Accept All Trades
    XSNSPORTS Xbox Ball
    DIEGO Soccer ball
    CHALK Get 8 ball
    BAMBIBOOM Volleyball

  • Xbox | Submitted by Shaq

    Shaq Can Float

    In practice mode go on the right side with Shaq and run up and make a slam dunk (do not use turbo) then after you get to the ground instantly press X and he will float up in the air