Natalie Portman rumoured for Thor

With Kenneth Branagh aiming to track down a virtual unknown to lift the mighty hammer Mjolnir and become Thor, Marvel would appear to be wanting to up the star power.

Josh Hartnett is already being talked about as a possible thesp to play Thor’s mortal enemy Loki, but there’s also apparently at least one solid female role – and that might be going to Natalie Portman.

There’s no word yet on exactly which role Portman would play, since few details of Thor’s story have actually slipped the veil of secrecy.

But the lads over at First Showing did some digging and are thinking she could conceivably play Sif (below), Thor’s wife and fellow god (if Marvel is aiming for a film set in Asgard), or if the plan is to focus on real-world incarnation Donald Blake (who Thor is transformed into as punishment for his arrogance by dad Odin), then Portman could be Blake’s girlfriend, Jane Foster.

It’s all so much rumour guff right now, and the producers clearly aren’t ready to release anything yet.

But in other casting news, despite Alexander Skarsgard seemingly being Branagh’s top choice, Nikki Finke has discovered four other possible Thors in the running - Charlie Hunnam, Tom Hiddleston, Liam Hemsworth and Joel Kinnaman.

Who will end up with the part? We’ll find out soon enough…

[Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily ]

So, who would be your pick for Thor? And could Portman work well in a Marvel movie?


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