Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2

The pseudo-RPG, Ultimate Road mode carries on the plot from the Chunin Exam, on through the Tsunade story arc, and there's even some new tales to tell as you progress throughout the game’s sixty plus missions. You’ll traverse familiar settings and speak to your favorite characters, battle opponents, complete missions, unlock characters, and build up your preferred fighters attributes in the customization menu. Minigames are also scattered about the Road. We walloped Might Guy (now a playable character) in a delightfully weird handstand race, with some obstructive hell-beasts thrown in for good measure.

Along the way, you'll earn a little scratch, giving fanboys the option of exchanging it for coveted collectibles like action figures, videos and music that you can check out any time by entering Naruto's home. Ultimate Ninja 2 doesn't waiver from what made the original the solid experience that surprised fans and critics alike last year, then ups the ante. For those who loved the first, this summer you can happily expect more of the same - and then some.


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