Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Kicking off right at the very start of Naruto’s story, you’ll get to learn many fighting techniques from scratch, Karate Kid-style, on your journey from bully-fodder to ninja master. There’ll be weapons to collect and upgrade, different schools of martial art to master, and you’ll also have to be careful to keep your chakra balanced… which we’re hoping doesn’t mean that yet another light/dark character progression system is involved.

Of course, most of your skills will be honed in head-to-head battles (which we can’t wait to get hands-on with), but between scraps, Naruto’s journey will be a fusion of platforming and free-roaming RPG action that’s looks exactly like the anime series come to life that we’re prepared to drop our prejudices against cel-shading effects - at least for now.

But it’s the wider gameplay options that could spell success for Naruto on 360 - multiplayer fighting, both on and offline, is going to be central to the game’s appeal, with even a character customization option, and a huge array of battlefields.


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