Naruto: Clash of Ninja EX [import] review

  • Unique take on multi-person combat
  • Surprisingly slick graphics
  • Naruto series on Wii
  • Hardly any innovation
  • Wiimote moves are silly
  • Could be a deeper fighter

If you've played your share of tournament fighters, especially those catering to the ever-lucrative Shonen anime market, then you're probably going to know the answer to this already. Throughout its umpteen installments, Naruto's always dealt exclusively in minor changes, which is a shame as it encourages us to speak ill of a series that's otherwise potentially rather good. Reminiscent of Rival Schools, it's captured the cartoon look almost perfectly over the years, to the point of becoming every bit the faster-than-light extravaganza that TV audiences have come to expect.

Inheriting more or less everything from the previous Clash of Ninja 4, the Wii version certainly isn't a step backwards. But its trio of motion-controlled minigames and redundant "innovations" hardly seem a step forward either. The series' future may well be on Wii, but by the looks of things it'll never stop being a GameCube game.

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Available Platforms: Wii
Genre: Fighting


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