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NAM Cheats

  • Cool Cheats

    Enter these codes while playing.
    Code Effect
    nvablood All Weapons
    nvadebug Debug Mode
    nvamap Full Map
    nvagod God Mode
    nvaclip No Clipping
    nvaunlock Open all Locks on level
    nvalevel### ### = episode and level -for tour of duty 1
    level 4 type nvalevel104
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  • Unlimited Ammo With M2 Machine Gun

    message: When you get ammo for the M2 machine gun, get into
    one of the tanks. Move toward the middle (you will drop
    down slightly), and when it says "press spacebar to fire",
    you can shoot as much as you want. DON'T get out because you
    will automatically lose all M2 ammo you collected.

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