Mysterious Deus Ex website surfaces with augmentations and a hidden hacking game

Fake official website for Sarif Industries shows off the modifications you’ll use in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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If you’re not familiar with the Deus Ex series, it was all about augmentations, high-tech body modifications that allowed you to tweak your character to perfection. In the new Deus Ex game developed by Eidos, Sarif Industries is the leading manufacturer of these body augmentations.

Interestingly enough an official website for the fictional futuristic tech company has surfaced. Head to, and you’ll be able to browse through a bunch of the upgrades you’ll be able to modify your character with in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Keep clicking around, and you’ll also get to sample a hidden hacking game.

Above: Head to to see the official website for the fictional mega corporation from Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Above: You can check out choice augmentations offered by Sarif Industries

Above: Keep clicking around and a mysterious hacking mini-game will appear. Collect all the folders by bypassing securities and you'll unlock data pods with schematics for gear from the game

Dec 2, 2010