Must-see: First Prototype images released

Vivendi has finally released the first images of Radical's free-roaming GTA contender, Prototype, so you can see how impressive it looks for yourself (look at that crowd!)

The game puts you in the demented shoes of Alex Mercer, a genetically engineered hoody who can, among other things, slash baddies in half and climb up the side of skyscrapers.

Put him in the middle of a bustling New York where a human-mutating virus has caused a battle between mutants and the military, and the result is a bit like Crackdown with monsters.

To see more screens, hit the Images tab above. Then head over to our massive first-look right here. PSM3 calls it "one of the most exciting, original games we've seen in ages." If it's as good as Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, we're in for a treat.

August 10, 2007


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