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Munch's Odysee Cheats, Codes & Guides

Munch's Odysee Cheats

  • Level Passwords

    level two: tDKLS60b
    level three: tsxKQKPq
    level four: tNS29KPq
    level five: sFJHRv1P
    level six: ts1HSCHj
    level seven: skrXnptJ
    level eight: FNWSjz2N

    Upper and lower case letters do matter. These passwords also record how many of your friends you have saved or killed.
    Submitted by pixie
  • Level Passwords

    Level 2:tsxKQKPa
    Level 3:BHKbksvH
    Level 4:ZmrHQswK
    Level 5:FXfVhNQp (very cool level)
    Level 6:ZPSs669X
    Level 7:tXkvBTZ
    Level 8:tXkvGPTv
    Level 9:Bw1CVtwJ
    Level 10:ZFMZvbf4
    Level 11:ZZhtFCGg
    Level 12,THE FINAL LEVEL(short game hugh?):ts4Dhx3R
    Submitted by Brad Harless
  • Map Screen/radar

    Hold Down The front right hand corner button on the gameboy for 3 seconds and a radar will come up (Only for Munch) (Dots Mean Enemies!!)
    Submitted by Nathan Martin

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