MultiPrey strategy guide

GR: You are clearly one of those bastards online who keeps killing us. Do you have any other tricks up your Spirit Walking sleeve?

Jim: Plenty. There's one I like to call "Bait and Switch". Basically, place your physical form on a ceiling - even better if you are upside down - preferably by an item of interest, and then go hunting in spirit. The idea here is to always initiate combat in sprit form, while still being close enough to your physical body to instantly switch back, disorienting your opponent and enabling you to get the jump on them.

GR: That's just evil, man. We'll have to try that. Come to think of it, we've been in that exact situation and were killed by Spirit Walkers going back into their bodies. Is that some kind of bug?

Jim: No, you just got "telefragged", but it only happens if you can time it just right. Returning to your body while your opponent is in close proximity to your physical form will kill him. Generally speaking, when leaving your body to go hunting in spirit form, it is best to have attained the health power-up - the Medicine Pipe. This will give you one chance to defend yourself should your physical form be discovered and attacked.

Chris: The Medicine Pipe is a crucial element for deathmatch, because it boosts your health to 200%. Try to find routes through the game that allow you to obtain the Medicine Pipes as much as possible.

GR: So that's what that thing does. I thought that it just changed your color.

Chris: Well it does, and that color is a very important indication of someone's current health level: white means greater than 100%, yellow 99-75%, orange is 74-25% and under that you become red.

GR: Yep, that'd be us in the red. Hopefully with your advice we will start to suck a little less. Thanks for the help, guys.


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