MultiPrey strategy guide

Chris: Spirit Walking is extremely useful not only in the single player game, but also in deathmatch. Beginners should start using the Spirit Walk by dropping their body off (somewhere safe, of course!) and scouting ahead in spirit mode.  If you're a good shot, you usually can get a few quick kills with your bow before your spirit power runs out.

GR: We were just getting the hang of while nabbing weapons and ammo behind force fields.

Chris: Remember that you can shoot through those force fields while in Spirit Mode, but other players can't shoot back at you. Just always remember to stash your body somewhere safe.

Jim: After you've become more comfortable with Spirit Walking, use it to surprise would-be pursuers. When being chased through a door way or portal while in physical form, move left or right after going through and go into spirit. Turn around and shoot your pursuer in the face with an arrow. They'll think twice about following you through a doorway the next time.

GR: Bowned!

Jim: Exactly. The ability to jump to and from spirit is a powerful tool when fully mastered. Use of cover in any form - pillars, alcoves and pipes - to quickly place your body behind while attacking in spirit form can be a very effective way to surprise and frag your opponent. Remember, your spirit can shield your body for a short amount of time and take a small amount of damage. So, if you're low on health anyway, what have you got to lose? A quick arrow shot might just find its way to your opponents face!


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