MTX: Mototrax review

  • Free-roaming countryside areas.
  • Tons of tracks and tricks.
  • Track builder.
  • Not a beauty queen.
  • Questionable physics.
  • Dopey collision detection.

There's a predictable array of irritations you'll need to look past: collision detection treats dangling leaves like brick walls, bail animations are hilariously poor, and blurry textures make this dirt-choked world look like it was run through a washing machine. Given the wonky physics, it's little surprise that bike handling never quite manages to find a happy medium between arcade twitch and realistic inertia, but it does manage to feel responsive, and its various quirks become familiar soon enough.

There's enough to like about MTX Mototrax's simple-minded fairgrounds and giddy airborne excitement to overlook its value-priced rough edges. It won't set any records for beauty or brains, but it's still one dirt road you won't regret taking home.

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Available Platforms: PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC


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