MotorStorm review

  • Multiplayer is excellent
  • Challenging track design
  • Exciting racing physics
  • Loading could be quicker
  • Respawns should be faster
  • Leading the pack and then exploding

The good news is that although you’ll be hurling enough obscenities at the screen to make David Cross sound like Mother Theresa, MotorStorm never feels unfair. Had your lead wiped out because you collided with a boulder? That’s not the game’s fault - you should have been watching where you were going. And don’t be thinking this is one of those games where you bounce around the back of the field while every other driver is a model of ruthless efficiency, because it’s not. It’s pleasing - sometimes hilariously so - to see a cluster of four or five close-knit vehicles pile into a wall and explode, or a pair of dueling cars bounce clean off the side of a mountain. Your rivals aren’t idiots - far from it. Bikers, for instance, will take swipes at you as you pass, while big rigs will simply try to grind you into the dust, but the sight of them making the same mistakes as you do makes the playing field seem more level.

The courses in MotorStorm are a real strong point. Well designed, they’re challenging, but they also let you have fun. There aren’t too many on hand - just eight - but every one of them is a sprawling playground for you to muck around in. And we mean muck - in the dustier arenas, the continuous churning of the dirt tracks leaves deep ridges and slimy trails to negotiate, and each course will combine a variety of surface types to really keep you on your toes. The brilliant vehicle physics react to whatever passes under your tires very believably - thick mud sees your ride handle more like a speed boat than a car or bike, whereas driving on unforgiving rock will have springier vehicles bouncing around like Fergie’s lady-humps on a waterbed. The Rockhopper course in particular is an excellent all-rounder, with its gravity-defying jumps, vertigo-inducing drops and multiple routes.

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Nov 17 2006 - PS3 (UK)
Available Platforms: PS3
Genre: Racing
Published by: SCEA
Developed by: Evolution Studios
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Language, Violence

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