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MotorStorm review

PS3's first must-have exclusive finally hits

While your opponents in the single-player game are no idiots and will try to ram you off clifftops, take swipes at you and frequently screw themselves up at the most inconvenient moments in a hail of shattered metal, there’s no substitute for utterly ruthless, risk-taking humans doing everything in their power to stop you from winning.

You can learn every inch of the course and practice as hard as you like beforehand, but once a race against other players begins, there’s really no way of telling what’s going to happen. Some races descend into all-out demolition derbies as players gang up on weaker drivers only to turn against each other a few seconds later, while others are fairly clean (well, apart from the gallons of mud being sloshed around everywhere) as the majority of drivers decide to rely on their own magic behind the wheel rather than muscle. Ultimately it’s a combination of brains, brawn and sheer luck that sees you across the finish line first in one piece, and there’s no guarantee how the chips will fall.

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DescriptionDon't think mud is dangerous? You haven't seen the way these off-road rides throw it around in this full-contact racer.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date (US), 17 November 2006 (UK)