MotorStorm image burst

Tuesday 12 September 2006
These spectacular new images of dirt-racing PlayStation 3 game MotorStorm would appear to prove that the game has upped its excitement levels recently, and gives us the first glimpse of the game's off-road modified superbikes.

We've heard reliable whispers that the MotorStorm team has remarkably improved on the dull and blandly repetitive experience that we played at E3 earlier this year, and that the game is now a high-speed, dirt-spitting ride.

And as there're more crashes, smashes and collisions in this one batch of screenshots than we saw in our entire time with the game, we're inclined to agree.

MotorStorm is currently planned as a Europe-exclusive launch, meaning developer Evolution Studios - who also produced the rally-tastic WRC series - should have enough time to make sure MotorStorm is the eye-bleedingly fast, off-road-Burnout thriller that we all want. After all, that's what we were promised by that first trailer, over a year ago.


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