MotoGP review

The Valentino Rossi of PSP racers

The game's biggest draw must be the graphics, which are just sublime, with massive draw-distances that lurk over the brows of hills and let you gawp at the track sprawling before you. It's smooth, too, running at 60 frames per second for the most-part with only brief lapses in busy areas. The textures are good, the bikes throw realistic shadows and the physics are spot-on. The kerbs even throw up light which flickers over your rider's body. In short, it's beautiful.

Above: In simulation mode you can make the back step out, but you'll fall off if you push too hard

Crashing your bike (which happens less than you'd imagine if you're playing it right) results in a brilliant spectacle with your bike flipping through the sand-trap. The CPU riders are also fallible, sometimes misjudging their acceleration and flipping over their handlebars, which will make you feel sorry for them.

It's hard not to use the word 'challenge' a hundred times when dissecting MotoGP. It's a game that works best when it's played right. Respect the bike and the track and ride properly and you'll start to see your replays look more realistic. No-one looks cool when they're the only rider flapping about like a moron.

More Info

DescriptionPS2's realistic but fun motorbike racer makes a fantastic transition to PSP with eight-player WiFi play
PlatformPSP, Xbox, PS2
Release date27 October 2006 (US), 27 October 2006 (UK)