• Kailer357 - January 20, 2015 9:10 p.m.

    Fable I'm sure many have done this,but I'm surprised to not see it yet. 100% good character age 37 completed most story missions; Gets villagers from boasting area to follow him all the way to the chapel of skorm only so they can be sacrificed at the right time for Skorm's Bow;Which is then used to decapitate one of the nearby traders in darkwood;After which of course, one must proceed to stab the lifeless corpse with a single handed sword and let out the evil laugh,hm ha hah hah haa! No game has allowed me a greater evil moment than that. Not one that wasn't directly scripted anyway.
  • ana-kerie - January 19, 2015 12:04 p.m.

    Fable 3 I married a man from Aurora just because I liked the look of the children in that country. Once I had my baby, the husband was of no more use to my Queen. I took him to the Cannibal Cult, sacrificed him, bought the meat pies available afterward, and devoured them. You don't have a Daddy, sweetheart, because Mommy ate him.
  • Viirin - January 5, 2015 2:02 a.m.

    Forgot to post a few: THE SIMS If you keep your sims happy enough, you'll get a baby delivered to raise and take care of. But screw that, it isn't funny. So, after a baby was given to me, I moved it and built walls around it. Eventually it was so unhappy that child services came to take it away- but they couldn't get to it. So I boarded up the inspector, too. Maybe it was a glitch or something, but I was given more babies over time, and more inspectors. That's when the house was getting so full of trapped, terrified people that I had to let one of my sims try to cook- and start a huge fire. When the fire moved close enough to a boarded-up person, I removed a wall segment, letting whoever it was burn to death. I didn't do that to the babies though- I needed my walls to scream. GTA: VICE CITY If you get lucky with a sniper rifle, you can graze someone's lower leg, and instead of dying, they'll just bleed profusely and hobble. A crowd of people gather to try and help, and the ambulance comes. If you shoot the ambulance's front wheel closest to the sidewalk, after the medics open the door but before they get out, they'll slam the doors really quick and try to drive away at max speed- but since the ambulance has bad control now that one of the front tires is flat, they'll run over the person they came to save, as well as everyone else nearby. Then you can go collect some money. Plus since it was a sniper rifle, no one suspects you of anything, and you just killed at least 15 people with two bullets. POSTAL 2 Okay, everyone who has played this is evil, right off the bat. But... After you beat the game, you can go to the circus. So I turned on god mode so I could fly, and had infinite gasoline. I watched the elephant walk around the arena... once I knew exactly where it would step (so the only exit was blocked), my giant pool of gasoline was already in place. Which I lit on fire. Then the elephant caught on fire and went berserk, stomping on and igniting all the screaming people who were, until now, enjoying themselves. If anyone had looked like they might have escaped, well, instead they found a wall of rotting, putrid cow heads, and they fell over vomiting all over themselves. Then they were trampled by a flaming elephant, which eventually died.
  • Viirin - January 5, 2015 1:24 a.m.

    I can't decide which of my evil moments was the most evil. I'll let you figure that out. ULTIMA ONLINE I was training Animal Taming, and had *just* gotten to the point I could tame drakes. So, I tamed two of them. I messaged a friend and told him that I had a new pet, and he assumed that it would be another giant spider because arachnid pack instinct is pretty great, and he always saw me with spiders or scorpions. He said he was bringing a fire-element arachnid slayer sword with him to 'meet' my new pet. I didn't correct him. I told him what town to meet me in- and I stood right next to his recall point (exact in-game teleportation coordinates) and cast invisibility on both drakes and myself. He recalled in. I told my pets to kill him and went invisible again. Now, drakes are nearly immune to fire. Spiders have almost no resistance to it at all. Reptile and Arachnid are opposite slayer types, so if it was a spider, his sword would have done 300% damage, not including element. But instead of 300%, it was 50%. Plus drakes are way more powerful. So his "awesome" sword instead couldn't do crap for damage. Also he wasn't the best warrior at that point, and my pets were killing him easily. He ran through NEWBIE CITY (Haven) yelling for help, being chased by freshly tamed monsters, until he finally died. In every game he ever played since, he brought multiple weapons of multiple elemental and damage bonus types, just so that would never happen again. Did I win? FABLE I was a nice guy, doing nice and helpful things for everyone. Until I got the spells and weapon I wanted. Then I wooed and married a girl, bought a wedding home for her, had sex with her that night- then beat her in the face and as she ran screaming, trying to get help- I burned her and the house down. Someone across the street had just woken up but hadn't seen me, but I broke the door down and killed everyone inside. Then I went around the town doing that to everyone. Then I bought ALL the houses and put them up for rent, and left town. Eventually people moved back in, but I already owned everything so they all paid me a daily stipend for me to not bone, kill, and burn everything down again. ULTIMA ONLINE Again? Yeah, but this was different. I was in Luna, training blacksmithing and tailoring skills where people could see what I could do, and it could get me some business. A new player was wandering around, asking people for money at the bank. It was annoying. I told him he could easily get what he needed on his own, without having to ask for help. He didn't listen. He wanted money for free. I got sick of him, so I said I could make him whatever he wanted, but he had to come to my house in Felucca (where there is no repercussion for murder or theft). He agreed. I repeated "Felucca" but he said he didn't care, he had nothing and needed help. So I cast Gate, and opened a magic gate to my front door and went inside. He stayed on the porch (I wouldn't let him in). I made him an excellent set of leather armor even better than platemail, a good weapon of his choice, and as much gold as he could carry. He was so happy! That's when I started stabbing him. He ran for his life, but I finished him off with a fireball to the back. I looted his corpse and used a pair of scissors to destroy all of his armor and threw it on the floor in front of him, so ruined that it wasn't even raw materials anymore. I left him there, dead, naked, and in a world he had never been to before. I eventually saw him back in Luna, and he was pretty upset, but the only response he got from me was me telling him to figure out on his own how to become stronger. ULTIMA ONLINE Yay! So, I was in the Siege Perilous server, where everything is Felucca rules. Anyway, I was one of the very few characters in the whole server that couldn't fight. I just mined and collected leather (cows killed by my beetle) for crafting purposes. You know, just selling weapons and armor to people murdering each other back and forth. Made me money to stand on a battlefield. Anyway, this guy comes in to a mine I found, and starts mining. It takes awhile for ore to respawn, and I asked him to go away, it was my mine. He kept mining. I was barely getting any ore... so I sicked my beetle on him while I stabbed him in the back with my pickaxe. He tried to run, but my beetle ran faster. I stole all his ore and refined metal. He came back the next day. So I killed him again. And again... and again. After about a week, he finally spoke. His keyboard stopped working and he had to go buy a new one just so he could apologize so he could live for five minutes! He did eventually find a different mine. Which then I took over, with my pets standing all around him. He left the server after another week.
  • Bhaal - December 4, 2014 11:02 a.m.

    On DAYZ I was over watch for our squad of 4. It was night time I was using NVGS when I saw some movement on the roof, I asked if that was them; they said yes. I told them that they need to crawl when on top of buildings so the don't get seen, if I can see them so can anyone else; they listened till they got to the next building then again standing on top of a building in the middle of Fallujah. So I shot them all and denied seeing "the other sniper." On a separate occasion we were flying around in a couple UH-1H and the door gunner of the second helicopter was shot out so they when to go pick him up when he spawned in, we kept shooting everything in sight, after a while we run out of targets so we move to a much higher altitude, when suddenly I see a helicopter coming towards us at a much lower altitude at about 9:00 so as I'm lining up a shot I call it out on TS and ask if that is them (the other team mates) after a bout .5 seconds I hear no response so I light them up. suddenly over the TS I hear "someone's shooting at us help" me and the pilot of our heli just laughed as they panicked on the way down due to the loss of their main rotor.
  • deathschemist - December 1, 2014 9:07 p.m.

    if you want true evil in videogames, you guys should check out the bay12 forums.there's one person who decided to try and make supersoldiers by making it rain puppies on a group of dwarves. the puppies, of course, would hit the ground and basically explode, traumatizing the dwarves to the point where they didn't care anymore. to perpetrate true evil in videogames is to play dwarf fortress efficiently.
  • ethan-johnson - November 24, 2014 7:24 p.m.

    Well...the most evil thing I've ever done in gaming...put mods in skyrim that makes everything kill-able, even children, and as I went on my killing spree, and with each one I killed, I got more and more excited to focus on the kids, I even made the kids watch me hack, slash, and crush their parents to a bloody mess...and after that I discarded my weapons and well....I started beating them to death, I would let them run and flee to keep them alive but in prolonged suffering, I even gave them chances to fight back and attempt to kill me...but they couldn't hurt me, their attempts were futile...and as I brought them to their last guy grabbed each one when they got killed and crushed their skulls into their bodies with his special finish, but if you thought that was the end, it was not even close. As I had finished them off I dragged all the corpses of these kids onto dinner tables and used the cannibel ring to devour the kids, with the help of gore mods to make it more real when he ate from them, and after I had finished my feast....I dragged each and every corpses I had killed to places around where I killed them and placed them as if honey were still doing their daily tasks, for any survivors that might of lived in the land so they could see my carnage first hand, and shows I viewed this as fun and games
  • irtehscarry - November 17, 2014 5:32 p.m.

    in my early days of Ultima Online, I used to go into peoples houses and steal everything i could from locked down containers... and as i would leave, i would change their true black dye tubs to pink.
  • matty31 - October 12, 2014 7:47 a.m.

    In fable 2 I got married and had kids with multiple women then murdered them all and abandoned the kids.
  • matty31 - October 12, 2014 9:16 a.m.

    On the pc version of Fallout 3 using a mod the lets you kill kids I went to Little Lamplight and slaughtered every boy and girl.
  • shadowmaster2014 - October 6, 2014 2:40 a.m.

    during one play through of Deus Ex Human Revolution I was at the Police station on a mission to get some files from a computer in a office but didn't feel like sneaking around so just killed all the cops, raided all the weapons, and ammo and walked out the front door like nothing happened.. I.. also left one of the people that was under arrest on the main floor alive and left her there after witnessing the carnage of me blow off the heads of cops with shotguns... oh and another one I can think of is I was playing GTA4 and was tired of doing the stupid mission where you have to go on a date with that one chick that turns out to be an undercover cop.. so on the mission before where you go to the train station to pick up her and her friend, i ran her over with my car, before leaving her terrified friend standing there alive..
  • Ejhutek1 - September 25, 2014 7:07 p.m.

    Was playing marioparty with my wife cane cousins, my wife didn't realize there the was a star to her left, I "suggested" she turn right, and she did, my cousin realized what I had done but waited till i left the room to tell her, she was not happy, especially when I got 1st place
  • Okapina - September 4, 2014 4:45 a.m.

    Aside from killing Samara and letting the refinery workers die in Mass Effect 2, the worst thing I did was in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. The idea is to build your own version of Jurassic Park, but if a visitor dies you get fined and after about five deaths it's game over. Fortunately, the same rules don't apply to the cleaners. So I set about building cleaning stations inside the T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor and any other carnivore enclosures and kept hiring new staff as they were picked off and swallowed alive. I installed viewing domes and platforms so the visitors could watch the carnage, and bizarrely enough, the "thrill" rating of these exhibits topped 100%, leading to a five star rating, a million dollars and a stellar report from the investors. Evil corporations FTW!
  • Lexiconjuration - September 3, 2014 12:23 p.m.

    I didn't realize that I was being evil until afterwards, but in hindsight it was fairly disturbing. In TES: Oblivion, I had 100% chameleon enchantment, so I could do pretty much anything that I wanted. I didn't have a house, for some reason, so I needed a place to keep all of my ill-gotten gains. I chose to put them on the ground in the Prison District, near the entrance. Later on, I realized that among my spoils of thievery and murder were several sets of guard armor. So essentially, the guards in the prison yard saw several sets worth of their mysteriously murdered brothers-in-arms' armor and weapons drop out of thin air in front of them.
  • Trollkitten - September 6, 2014 1:27 p.m.

    That... I'll bet you wish you could have seen the looks on their faces...
  • DirkSteele1 - September 3, 2014 8:16 a.m.

    Have to add that the add running down the side of the page could not be more perfect. Jaguar - Its Good to be Bad.
  • DirkSteele1 - September 3, 2014 8:15 a.m.

    Got to say I am little disappointed that my evil act did not make the short list. I am clearly too nice and must try harder to be a b!$t&%d. :-)
  • Megajamz - September 3, 2014 5:27 a.m.

    When I was younger and the original playstation came out my parents saw fit to get me one for Christmas, when the big day came I was so happy I opened it up and was so excited to play it ..... But what's this none of the games I mentioned are here except for one called soviet strike.... My dad then seemed eager to set it all up and I realised he has bought a game for himself He proceeded to play it all Christmas Day winching people and supplies and raining death down on the Russians that rebelled against his chopper, when I asked for a go he refused me saying "in a bit son I'll just do this mission" I didn't understand since after all it was my present. I let the rage build for most of the day until I conjured up a plan. I awoke early the next day before my dad and went to where the playstation was removed soviet strike and bit into the disc, I unleashed all my grinch hate for the day that was ruined on that disc, the teeth marks were deep and the game was destroyed, when my dad eventually discovered it he lost his shit, shouting and going on he eventually came to me I proceeded to point at my sister who was 2 at the time blissfully unaware that she was the teething scapegoat of my plan, my dad saw red and fully blamed her. To this day neither of them know the truth about what happened and never will my dad still sometimes mocks my sister for ruining Christmas *insert evil laugh here*
  • Jakaru - September 2, 2014 11:17 p.m.

    I once tried ripping off a Japanese guy in FFXI. This is more of a evil act being caught kinda story. There would be these gambling games people would set up in the main town where you would have to roll the dice with /random command and if someone got over a certain amount they would double or even triple there amount. Well this Japanese guy walks up to me and starts betting outrageous ammounts of gil (currency) and ends up turning his 200k gil into 800k. And of course I don't have enough gil to actually pay him that much so I log out for a while and log back in to be confronted by a GM (game master). So what do I do? Panic and log out and back in agian. This time I go on a different character. And come back to a message on screen from the GM "So you thought you could escape did you?" All of my characters got banned for a week and got sent to the in-game jail and I had to give the Japanese guy most of my gil. I guess im just not cut out for the whole evil thing.
  • SpadesSlick - September 2, 2014 10:37 p.m.

    Killing a hooker in GTA 5 solely so I could take a selfie with her corpse might not be the most evil thing i've done, but it was certainly one of the most hilarious.

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