Moses: The Action Movie?

You might think that being played by Chuck Heston was enough cinematic treatment for one Biblical icon, but 20th Century Fox disagrees - they want to bring Moses back to the screen.

The studio's Peter Chernin is developing a re-telling of the man's story, from his near-fatal early days, though his adoption into the Egyptian royal family and his little run-in with the Pharaoh over the treatment of the Hebrews.

Plus the small matter of the leading his people to the promised land. you know, just your everyday story that was previously chronicled by Cecil B deMille in The Ten Commandments.

Fox is bringing aboard Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, who are no strangers to pumping up classic writings - they've just finished a new version of Moby Dick for Timur Bekmambetov. Apparently the studio wants a little more 300-style flavouring to the story this time around.

So expect Moses to free his people by launching a suicidal military bid and screaming way too much… Okay, we kid. But it would be fun…

[Source: Variety ]

Who should play Moses this time? Can anyone measure up to Chuck?



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