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  • Fight Bosses

    First enter ZCHRRY as a password then when you die hold L1 to be transported to Quan Chi and R1(or L2,I can't remember) to be transported to Shinnok.
    Submitted by Aaron
  • Unlimited Urns

    When you start choose options and go to the password screen. When there enter the code NXCVSZ. Highlight exit and exit. This code will give you ten urns of vitality when you start the game. My only advice is use it wisely.
    Submitted by Grim Reefer
  • Level Passwords

    THWMSB.....Wind Stage
    CNSZDG.....Earth Stage
    ZVRKDM.....Water Stage
    JYPPHD.....Fire Stage
    RGTKCS.....Prison Of souls
    QFTLWN.....Bridge Of Immortality
    XJKNZT.....Shinnok's Fortess
    Submitted by Aaron Lafontaine (BUGGEEBOY) (

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