More things to do with your Wii

Find things online
If you find typing to be a little slow using Wii’s virtual keyboard, you probably don’t enjoy having to edit and refine your search terms in Google to find the websites you want. There’s a simpler solution at, which gives you “clusters” of related terms to click through at the side of the screen without having to type. Pretty handy, really.

Commission Mii
So you’ve perfected your Hitlers and you’re one of the world’s foremost experts at Kim Jong Il, but your Mii plaza is still missing a certain something - an accurate version of you. Because self-portraits are dead tricky, you can commission your own Mii from people who have actual artistic talent. It costs $5 from

Play online
Dismayed at the lack of competitive online play on Wii? Well, you don’t have to wait until Pokémon Battle Revolution is released over here. Simply head to, where you’ll find some simple arcade games. One of them - Kid Speedy - has an online mode.

Browse iTunes
Communicate directly with a PC or Mac computer and play songs from your iTunes library, thanks to an application called Wii Media Center X from It’s easy to set up, and it also lets you look at all the pics you’ve got in iPhoto. Or, for more audio goodness, access on your Wii’s Internet Channel - you won’t believe your ears.

Build a Wii-bot
If you happen to have a spare industrial robot arm lying around, you could always turn it into a Wii-controlled, limb-lopping death machine by fitting it with a sword and mapping the movements to the Wii remote, like these guys did.


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