More things to do with your Wii

Make a gun shell
Many months ago, Nintendo showed off a Zapper gun shell for turning the remote into something resembling a pistol. It would be great for a bit of Red Steel but since it’s probably never going to be released, here’s how to make your own Heath Robinson version out of Lego. Very clever.

Watch TV
YouTube works fine on Wii - but, which is the globe-conquering vid-upload site reformatted and dolled up for Wii, is better. Don’t restrict yourself to videos of glum teen girls peering at their webcams through their hair, though:, and  will all feed you actual TV shows through your Wii’s Opera browser.

Make a Wii laptop
Console modifier Ben Heckendorn makes a living out of squishing games hardware into smaller boxes. His latest effort is this Wii laptop, featuring an LCD screen with sensor bar LEDs at the top. Check out the full instructions on how to make your own, or simply marvel at all the pics of a Wii’s naked innards.

Play laser tag
You can actually use your remotes to play a very simple game of laser tag. Well, it does involve a bit of PC bluetooth trickery using an app called GlovePIE, and you’ll need to get a wireless sensor bar so you can run around while playing. And the range will be limited, so you’ll have to play close to the PC. But it’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?


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