More Inglourious Basterds?

The first film won’t even hit cinemas until the end of the summer, but Quentin Tarantino is already dropping hints that he’s got more Inglourious Basterds action simmering in his brain-pan.

Of course, for now, he’s just throwing things out there. But as the movie prepares to launch at Cannes, he’s been chatting it up.

“Once the Basterds get through with Europe, they could go to the South and do it to the Kluxers in the ’50s. That’s another story you could tell,” he blabbed to the New York Times. Yes, it’s hate group-bashing agogo!

And it’s not only a sequel (though he has ideas for that) bubbling away: QT mentions that he has one of those, too.

“I have a half-written prequel ready to go if this movie’s a smash,” he tells the newspaper. It’s a hefty “if”, but then QT’s not known for his shy style when it comes teasing fans with spin-offs or sequels…

[Source: NYT ]

Are you excited for Basterds? Do you want him to get to work on more adventures now, instead of teasing us for years like the Kill Bill prequel or the Vega Brothers?