Monster Hunter Tri: Complete monster and item drop guide [UPDATE]

Great Baggi

Type: Bird Wyvern
Threat: 3
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: Fire

Item Drops
From Body: Baggi Hide, Sleep Sac, Baggi Scale, Great Baggi Claw, (High Rank Only) Coma Sac
Quest Reward: Great Baggi Claw, Sleep Sac, Baggi Hide, (High Rank Only) Coma Sac, Bird Wyvern Gem
Special Reward: (Destroy Crest) Leader's Crest, Sleep Sac, (High Rank Only) Coma Sac, Bird Wyvern Gem
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Baggi Scale, (High Rank Only) Great Baggi Hide
Much like the Baggi, the Great Baggi is just a suped up version of its Jaggi counterpart. Most of its moves are identical to that of the Great Jaggi. It's bite, tail whip, and charge are easily avoided. There is little warning to indicate when they're going to happen, but they don't have a lot of range, and can be dodged with a simple roll. More dangerous is its ability to spit a sleep inducing liquid on you. Get hit by this and you'll be vulnerable until you either wake up or get hit. You can imagine which is more likely to happen first.

Beyond this, the most difficult thing about the Great Baggi are the swarms of smaller Baggi constantly escorting him. Unlike the Jaggi who would pretty much just stand there and hiss while you took down their bigger brother, the Baggi really get in on the fight and can make things  harder. Clear a few out if you can before tackling the Great Baggi itself.


Type: Herbivore
Threat: 1
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: None Discernible

Item Drop
From Body: Raw Meat, Warm Pelt, Popo Tongue, (High Rank Only) High Quality Pelt

Very similar to the Aptonoth, the Popo is a gentle plant eater that is generally happy just to ignore you. That said, if provoked the Popo will fight back more aggressively then the Aptonoth. While the younger, smaller Popo's will flee at the first sign of danger, the bigger ones will charge you down. Even  then they're not much of a threat and will go down pretty easy.


Type: Flying Wyvern
Threat: 4
Weak Point: None Discernible
Elemental Weakness: Fire
Gear Drop: Flabby Hide, Uncanny Hide

Item Drops
From Body: Flabby Hide, Pale Extract, Unnerving Talon, Poison Sac, Uncanny Hide (High Rank Only) Flabby Hide+, Unnerving Talon+, Fearsome Maw, Toxin Sac, Uncanny Hide+, Wyvern Stone
Quest Reward: Pale Extract, Poison Sac, Unnerving Talon, Uncanny Hide
Special Rewards: (Destroy Face/Body) Flabby Hide, Pale Extract, Fearsome Maw, Uncanny Hide, (High Rank Only) Uncanny Hide+ (Destroy Tail) Flabby Hide, Poison Sac, Uncanny Hide, (High Rank Only) Flabby Hide+, Uncanny Hide+, Wyvern Stone
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Pale Extract

The Gigginox was made to frustrate you. It has a small, agile body and is very aggressive and lethal; it's just an annoying monster to fight. Gigginox attacks you in three ways: physical attacks, poisonous attacks, and clinging to the ceiling. Its physical attacks can be aggravating because they are difficult to avoid. If you're a melee fighter you'll obviously need to get in close to do damage, unfortunately the Gigginox has a bunch of fast, short range moves that come with little in the way of warning. Even though its rear and its head look almost identical, learn how to distinguish between them on the fly. Do this because if you approach it from the front you leave yourself open to some fast bite attacks. When you're actively attacking watch for it to rear up on its hind portions. If it does this, get out of the way, as It will try to body slam you, which will both knock you down and eat a chunk of your health.

Gigginox's poison attacks tend to mix in with the physical attacks. The thing to watch for is the color purple. If you see anything resembling purple mist or smoke coming from Gigginox, flee. It can perform a poisonous body slam that, in addition to causing physical damage, will leave you poisoned. Avoid this as you would the regular body slam. It can also spit gelatinous balls of poison at you that will stick to the ground and eventually explode into toxic gas. This is easy to avoid and shouldn't cause too much trouble.

Gigginox can cling to walls and ceilings, which it will do frequently. It uses this in two main ways. Firstly, it will cling to the ceiling and chase you around. If you stay in one place too long it will drop down and crush you with its body. Just keep moving and you should be able to avoid it without problem. It will also stay on the ceiling and then stretch it's mouth down to trying to grab hold of and then toss you into the air. When you land, you'll be immobilized for a moment. Gigginox will then suck you into its mouth and drain your health. If you see it doing this, just stay out of range until it finishes.

Lastly, and of less consequence, Gigginox can lay egg sacks from which Giggis will emerge. These are generally easy to ignore, but if they become too numerous they can make the fight more difficult. Destroying the eggs sacks when Gigginox lays them will prevent this.


Type: Flying Wyvern
Threat: 4
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: Thunder

Item Drops
From Body: Rathian Scale, Rathian Shell, Rathian Webbing, Flame Sac, Rathian Spike, (High Rank Only) Rathian Carapace, Rathian Scale+, Inferno Sac, Rathian Spike+
From Tail: Rathian Scale, Rathian Marrow, Rathian Spike, Rathian Plate, (High Rank Only) Rathian Scale+, Rath Medulla, Rathian Ruby
Quest Rewards: Rathian Scale, Rathian Shell, Rathian Marrow, Rathian Spike, Rathian Plate, (High Rank Only) Rathian Carapace, Rathian Scale+, Rathian Ruby
Special Rewards: (Destroy Head) Rathian Shell, Rathian Scale, Rathian Plate, (High Rank Only) Rathian Ruby, Rathian Carapace, Rathian Scale+ (Destroy Wings) Rathian Talon, Wyvern Claw, Rathian Webbing, (High Rank Only) Rathian Scale+
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Rathian Scale, Rathian Plate

Rathian looks tougher than it actually is. While it does possess a score powerful attacks, most of them are easy to avoid and Rathian itself is a bit less durable then some of the other monsters you'll have fought at this point. The key to beating Rathian is to learn the many prominent cues that precede its attacks. When up close for instance, it will illicit a high pitched screech right before performing a tail whip attack. Learn these indicators and you'll have little trouble getting out of the way.

There are some things to be cautious of though. When Rathian takes to the air, flee. Unless you're a bowgun fighter then hitting it will be impossible and its aerial charges are both damaging, and hard to avoid up close. They will also occasionally leave you poisoned. If possible aim for Rathian's head. While it obviously leaves you more open to biting and such, it is easily Rathian's most vulnerable point. If you can manage to score some good shots to its skull it will often topple over and lie incapacitated for a few seconds, leaving it open to attack.

Rathian isn't the hardest enemy you'll face, but don't let that fool you. If you're stupidly aggressive and go in guns blazing, then it will topple you. Just use your head and Rathian will go down easily.


  • dynast0220 - July 19, 2013 6:18 a.m.

    The common thought as to why Dual swords aren't in Tri is centered around water-based combat, but we really only have speculation. I feel very similarly to glaredog and Innoc3nt; some of these Monsters are rough and some seem almost impossible to surmount. The two keys: learn the monsters' tells, and go into any tough fights armed with bombs, mega potions, Max potions, and traps galore. It may take some time to gather any necessary items, but you'll thank yourself by the end of it! Also, I love this game, but myself and many other players have been presented with an earlier ceiling than we expected since the online servers were shut down on May 1st. Their official reason is "lack of player base". If you love this game and don't want is potential limited prematurely, please join our petition to bring back at least a few servers:
  • crimson-shanahan - January 25, 2013 4:03 a.m.

    hi to everyone ive been playing monster hunter tri3 for 3years now and if done offline and ive done online but what i dont get is why did they take out the doul swords? plz tell me why they dont have them any more?
  • Hatchet - January 18, 2013 1:33 a.m.

    Where can I find pelagicite ore at I've tried volcanoe and swamp and moga woods but can't find it anywhere if I can get a reply Ty and this is one of e greatest games I've ever played
  • asilvakakashi - May 18, 2012 11:13 a.m.

    If any one wanna play MHT online im on weekends probably killing giggis Username:Chorizo Hr:28 I had to start all over because im wii broke so im mad but i still have the MHT spirit in me
  • glaredog_77 - March 16, 2012 7:57 p.m.

    I dont have the online feature for my wii, but ive logged more than 300 hours hunting on the game and currently have nearly all my armor sets and weapon trees completed. Now since im a minimalist hunter unless i was facing a monster i hadnt previously dealt with, i usually found out what area i was hunting and brought only what i thought i would need for that area (hot drinks or hot meat for the tundra, cool drinks or cold meat for sandy plains etc.) other than that the first time i dealt with the monster i fought with i packed according to what you get from the box, after a while i usually dont carry more than some pots or mega pots demon or mega demondrugs armorskins and mega armor skins or whetstones, and when hunting in the moga woods on free hunt i dont carry anything except mebbe my power or armor charms and whetstones unless im using one of my bowguns. since there is no limit to how many times you faint and you can find most of what you need in the field to make pots or other supplies its no big deal to pack light during these excursions. If you are having trouble hunting a monster, free hunt it if its one that is applicable, otherwise just keep re hunting it and bow out once you get a subquest done until you begin to see the monsters patterns of attack or can recognize when its left itself open. if your observant youll start to notice what a monster will do and can react just before it does it (tip: fight the rathian ALOT and youll see what i mean) While overall i think this is an awesome game and play often there are a few things i miss about the first monster hunter that i dont see in this version (monsters chasing you from one zone to another which i miss cuz it made it easier to set up traps and bomb barrels for preemptive attacks). If another version is made I hope to see a more expansive AI for these monsters and some new stuff to use (instead of small barrel bombs mebbe a throwable version perhaps?)another thing i would like to see would be zones that are actually large enough to merit using the binoculars to spot a monster or totally remove zoning altogether in lieu of an expansive free roaming platform. one more thing i was disappointed with was that unless you have online capabilities the only place you can play 2 player is in the arena, which while fun, just didnt cut it for me since both my wife and i play the game we would like to go on regular hunts or free hunts together. Anyways, if you have trouble hunting a monster, need to know where to find something, want to know where the shortcuts are, some of the best places to farm a particular item, or need a combo list (Ive got at least 15 pages filled) leave a post or send me an email @ While i cant promise ill get to you right away, i can lend what knowledge i have gained when i do contact you, so dont send another email if you havent heard from me unless you have another question, k thnx.
  • dopyrory3 - September 23, 2011 3:02 p.m.

    First off,Qurupeco IS weak to ice and R.Ludroth to fire and second is diablos and barioth can be killed by for the barioth you upgrade the bone tomahawk to Qurupeco chopper and finally to the djinn for the barioth (because you will need the shield) and when you have barioth materials you upgrade the knight lance to the rampheart and then to the tusk lance (tusk lance+ if you are willing to put in effort) and use that to kill diablos as it is weak to ice also.
  • PonyRoxas - September 21, 2011 5:20 a.m.

    Another thing...I see some flaws in the elemental weaknesses of these monsters..... First of all...Qurupecco is weak against thunder not ice. And Royal Ludroth is also weak against thunder.... Can the maker of this guide please fix that? It's going to throw new people off and make their hunting experience harder...
  • PonyRoxas - September 21, 2011 5:08 a.m.

    @ihateMH3 It is very possible to kill Diablos and Barioth though I agree that is is difficult. I too spent countless hours trying to figure out a way to kill those beasties and found one. Barioth simply can be killed (easily) with a longsword with the thunder element, ice resistant armor, a little dodging, and patience. It can be frustrating at times when he pins you with his dagger like claws but do not be discouraged. Diablos requires a weapon like a longsword (can you see I am partial to them? :D), the armor I wore was Hunter's armor believe it or not, and sonic bombs. Lots and lots of sonic bombs. Launch them just as his tail is almost under the ground. He'll pop up and be trapped in what looks like a pitfall trap. I find his face is the best to hit. When he is huffing black smoke though, don't try this. Instead, stay under his belly at all times and dodge when appropriate. Don't EVER hate on a game just because you cannot beat a certain part. It's not only annoying but childish at the same time.
  • ihatemh3 - August 20, 2011 4:50 a.m.

    I used to love monster hunter tri but now i hate it with a passion. ever since i got to the level five quests to kill a diablos and a barioth i've hit a roadblock that i cant get past. The diablos is a damage sink that will not die no matter how much punishment you give it. and if you try to get in close, it clobbers you no matter what angle you go at it from. You cant work in many hits at all, and i always end up running out of time before i can actually kill the stupid thing. When i dont run out of time, it bombards me with a volley of charges, tailwhips, underground attacks, that is completely undodgeable. (longsword cant block) I gave up. The barioth is an even deeper damage sink than the diablos and is just a ball of lighting fast, undodgeable attacks that suck the health out of you untill you're dead. I have tried countless times, learned all their moves, and still cannot kill them. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO KILL A BARIOTH OR A DIABLOS ON OFFLINE WITH THE WEAPONS, AND ARMOR THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU AT THE TIME. UNLESS YOU HAVE HIGH-LEVEL UBER ARMOR, AND THE BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME IT IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH A LONGSWORD,K HAMMER AND SWITCHAXE THAT YOU CAN GET UP UNTILL THE TIME YOU ARE ABLE TO FIGHT THEM. If i could kill a diablos once, then maybe i could upgrade all my weapons to make it easier,but i cant because it takes diablos items to upgrade the weapons that i need to make it remotely possible. I will NEVER so much as look at that worthless piece of trash game ever again because it is impossible
  • Inn0c3ntGuy - August 31, 2011 3:51 p.m.

    I can't tell you how many times I rage with this game but I still love it. I made this account just so I could send ya this message dude XD I agree w/ ya totally on the diablos thing. My current weapon (Wyvern blade "Fire") has the hardest time pierce'n this dude unless I'm directly attacking his under belly. I'm going to try taking him on w/ a ranged weapon as most of his attacks involve him either charging, use'n his horns to gore you or tail attacks. Much easier to deal with than the rathalos(spelling?) but not worth much if ya can't get some good hits in. As for the Barioth I would have agreed w/ you had I read this maybe 2-3 days ago but I just recently beat him myself. This dude is crazy indeed as his attacks are quick & accurate 2 boot. I fought him once more just so I could refresh my memory. His leaping wing attack tends to have a pre-hop in which he puts his attacking wing in front of him the attack arcs inwards & gives a curve to his leap so if you plan on dodge'n it, jump towards the outer edge of where his attack starts. His tail whip also has a wide arc so dodge into his body in the direction he's swinging so you get close to lay a hit or two on 'em. Luckily his ranged attacks are not far from him (where as the rathalos' fire ball can nail you from all the way across the area right in the teeth as you are trying to heal or fix ur wep -_-U)so take this opportunity to circle around the shot to hit him. I personally stay away from the bugger when he clings to the wall & his flying attack is just a glorified leap attack. If he goes into a cave take the opportunity to heal, fix wep, eat & re-buff. Make sure you grabbed a torch to ligh up the area (do this ASAP) as it is really tough to fight this guy in the dark. If you enter a cave w/ baggi's try not to kill them as they are useful dudes to get rid of stun/dizzy/snowball & have taken hits from his ranged for me(essentially like cha cha 'cept w/o heals or buffs). I think you said you were using a long sword to fight him & I now it's prolly rly tempting but don't use the sword combo thing until he's weak (stick to 2-3 hits at a time). If you had to focus on one area to hit it's prolly the wings as it slows him down some if you manage to "Damage" it. I'm sure you know well enough to interrupt his meal so he can no haz healz. Have cha cha equipped w/ the fluffy mask & defense boost so he lasts longer & you can always track him saving you a slot of inv space instead of using paintballs while keepng his dances in this order: Ooga, Waka (4 healz & a buff). Be sure to take advantage of moments the Barioth is attacking Cha Cha whether it's getting in a few swings, healing, fix wep, etc. If you are rly hurt & the barioth happens to knock you close to the next area, go there & fix urself up.
  • Inn0c3ntGuy - August 31, 2011 3:54 p.m.

    (cont) No point in getting rly far & then having him hit you once more so you "faint" :P Be sure to have potion & mega potion on quick combo if you happen to be running low on effective heals, try doing this only when the barioth flees or if ur feelin' lucky do it in battle. Take advantage of what the argosy has to offer & pick up flash bombs, max potions (if you don't know how to make them), both traps as well as demondrugs & armorskins(upgrade to mega demon & armor or horn if you can). Use the traps early in the fight to get in some rly good hits. Try planting the first one b4 he sees you because if you wait too long into 1st areas fight 2 set the second trap he may fly away & u just wasted a trap. Use the flash bombs if u wanna land a few easy hits as well or to just get out for a se & recover. When he finally retreats to the area he naps in w8 4 him 2 fall asleep, kill a few baggi to fill up ur longsword bar & then go climb up to the barioth to unleash hell at this point he does not last that long to kill. I try to have my inv for this/most missions at this point consist of this: Potion 10 (use for speed combos) Mega potion 10 Demon drug 3 Armor skin 3 Hot drink 3/5 (mission gives u 2 for free) Cleaner 3/5 (importent for snowball) Max potion 2 Energy Drink 5 (use if you don't have speed eating effect) Well-done steak 5-10 flash bomb 5-10 Pitfall trap 1 Shock trap 1 Honey 10 (use for speed combos) Blue mushroom 10 (use for speed combos) Herbs (use for speed combos) Whetstone 10-12 rations 3 (2 for u & 1 for cha cha) map (dur..rly???) first aid kit 3 (use these before you use mega or max potions) combo books if ur worried about combo fails. Armor at time was Lag chest & arms while head pants & legs were gobul but I had used alot of armor spheres if u want some trade w/ argosy cpt or do quest: "Best the Lava Beasts!" and mine for them using mega pick axes. Try to go w/ the sword I talked about earlier if u can. Also be sure to eat at th Itinerant Cook's b4 u leave try to go w/ a meal that gives you a health boost & a stat boost. I hope this post has given you enough faith to try again whether it's u or anyone else looing 4 hlp! :D tl;dr- fight smart study enemy be well equipped (items/gear/cha cha) Keep trying ??? Profit
  • PonyRoxas - September 21, 2011 5:14 a.m.

    You said it better than I ever could xD
  • glaredog_77 - March 16, 2012 7:11 p.m.

    While i doubt this will change your mind about MH3 killing both the diablos and the barioth were not that hard. Yes they are both damage sinks and yes the barioth is wicked fast at attacks they have patterns they follow. Second, when i went after either one i was amred with the upgraded switch axe made from barroth parts. while hunting the barioth i was geared in baggi armor, while hunting the diabolos i was using the rathian set. While i had trouble using the sonic bombs fast enough to work on the diabolos carrying both shock and pitfall traps and plenty of bombs were useful it never hurts to carry extra stuff to make more traps with. If you ever decide to retry the game, and are having difficulty you may contact me @ ive currently finished all but four of the urgent quests including killing the ceadus and have nearly all my weapons and armor trees complete for both gunner and blademaster sets including a few of the arena sets. so dont hesitate to ask, I may not get to you right away but the key is observation and perseverance. GL
  • nicholaslewis - July 16, 2011 2:30 a.m.

    I need to know how to get shakq skin
  • PonyRoxas - September 21, 2011 5:10 a.m.

    Use a harpoon on a shark in Moga woods. But first, weaken the shark with a weapon until it starts swimming oddly. Then use the harpoon :)
  • glaredog_77 - March 16, 2012 7:19 p.m.

    go to area 11 in the moga woods carry harpoons or mega harpoons while on free hunt or if you got the room during a hunt in moga carry them and head to that area. attack the sharqs until they swim erratically in the water then harpoon them (this takes some skill as they arent cooperative enough to hold still for you :) ) until they die otherwise they swim off and disappear. this also works for any fish out there in the water (excluding the ones you fish out of course) make sure you keep track of your oxygen. but after you kill them after a while more will respawn so get your fill until no more appear then return to the village, rinse and repeat :)
  • Jasterfarian - June 13, 2011 11:34 p.m.

    shawt - 5 months 21 days ago anyone know where you can get frogs from? i need to fish a gobul yes it is in the beach area 10 when you go in before the water is a little white thing on ground and if you keep on gat5hering you will eventually get frogs d.Island
  • Jasterfarian - June 13, 2011 11:29 p.m.

    Im up to the part where i,ve beaten 5 all quests and have to do urgent quests where you have to fight more than 1 monster at a time and i got full set of ceadeus armour
  • Manhunter45 - June 8, 2011 2:47 a.m.

    Man i love this site thanks a gazilion
  • nightmare12 - April 23, 2011 3:12 p.m.

    shawt- you can find frogs in area 10 of the island i think. where you find the worms. it looks like a dead giggi.

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