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Monster Garage Cheats

  • Add $1000

    In the garage type in moneycheat then click on the lightbulb
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  • Go back in Time one Day

    In the garage type in flashback then click on the lightbulb
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  • Get All Bonuses

    Press Y, Y, Y, X, X, B, B
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  • Get $5,000

    Press X, Y, B, B, R, L
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  • What to buy

    Level 1
    Monster Wheel x4
    Seat x1
    Heavy duty rear axle x1
    Heavy duty front axle x1
    Safety Fuel cell x1
    Heavy duty 40 inch coil-overs x4
    Raw Materials:
    Steel tube x2
    Level 2
    Right side ski x1
    Left side ski x1
    Snowtrack x2
    Master cylinders for Hydrolics x1
    160 HP 2-store Engine x2
    Steel chain x2
    A few sprockets x2
    Short hydrolics x4
    Brake disc calibers x2
    Brake lever x2
    Raw Materials:
    40 inch steel tube x2
    120 inch steel tube x4
    20x20 inch sheet metal x1
    40 inch angle iron x7
    80 inch angle iron x6
    Aluminium cylinders x3
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Monster Garage Hints

  • Extra Cash

    Entry location: Swamp buggy
    If you need extra cash during the swamp buggy build move the mouse over the center of the dashboard until you find the radio. Click on it to remove then sell it.
    Submitted by Alex

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