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Monkey Island Cheats

  • Win Game..

    All you need to do is hold Control+W. A question will appear asking you if you're sure you want to win. Y is yes and N is No. Watch and enjoy. Check out the last thing at the end
    Submitted by Captain_Dread
  • Fake Death

    This cheat is funny, cause in most Sierra (Made by Lucasarts, but part was made by Sierra games), you die in weird places, but you don't die in this cheat. When you need to hit the banana tree with the rock (on Monkey Island), walk all the way to the right of the ledge, the rock will collapse and Guybrush falls down. You may think that you have just died, yet you haven't. A menu pops up and it says, "Oops, looks like you really screwed up here! Hope you've saved the game!" But you see Guybrush bounce back up and he says, "Rubber Tree!"
    Submitted by Captain_Dread

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Available Platforms: PC