Loose Ends - 3 Intel Items

Loose Ends - Intel Item #1

Behind the main house, down a forest path and next to the shore, is a boathouse. The laptop is on a crate outside.

Loose Ends - Intel Item #2

On the highest floor of the main house, inside the main bedroom, is this laptop. If you don't recognize the area from the screen below, it's also the bedroom with the blow-up sex doll in the attached bathroom. The intel is next to the largest, blind-covered window.

Loose Ends - Intel Item #3

This laptop is found in the basement of the main house, tucked away in the room full of guns and ammo.

The Enemy of My Enemy - 2 Intel Items

The Enemy of My Enemy - Intel Item #1

You begin this mission inside a junkyard airplane. The laptop is in the fuselage of another junk plane immediately to the right of this one.

The Enemy of My Enemy - Intel Item #2

Another laptop inside another junk airplane. You'll find this one with about 84 meters left to your destination, while climbing out of the big, enemy-filled valley about halfway through the mission.

Just Like Old Times - 4 Intel Items

Just Like Old Times - Intel Item #1

While hiding in the shadows, you'll watch a flashlight-carrying patrol move by to investigate the guards you killed outside. Captain Price will give you a choice to shoot or spare the remaining, smoking guard (next to a television monitor). At this point, head for the tunnel to the right of that guard. The laptop is on a metal crate at the end.

Just Like Old Times - Intel Item #2

Before exiting back into sunlight, you'll be in this smoky, red lit area. To the left of the cave exit is the laptop, almost completely hidden in shadow.

Just Like Old Times - Intel Item #3

You're in the second set of caves, battling riot shield soldiers who are crossing narrow wooden beams. There's a lot of smoke, with Captain Price using thermal vision. The laptop is a bit past this encounter, in a dead-end tunnel to the right.

Just Like Old Times - Intel Item #4

This laptop is in the final cavern, on a table full of empty beverage cans. It's the room in which you must override the door controls before the countdown runs out.

Endgame - 1 Intel Item

Endgame - Intel Item #1

If you missed this one, you weren’t even trying. The laptop is sitting on a box right in front of the raft. If you accidentally board the boat before grabbing it, simply hit “start” and load your last checkpoint.

Congratulations! You’re done.

Nov 11, 2009