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Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front Hints

  • Easier Way to Beat Mission 6

    For those of you who have or had trouble beating level 6 listen up. All you have to do is go to create route and make a random route for two teams. [red and green are preferable] Use these two teams as diversions. But you must hurry to collect all the data you can because your guys won't last long. [Just in case it doesn't hurt to give the main team you use a smoke grenade.
    Submitted by Rumble
  • Really Easy Way to Beat Level 10

    If you want the easy way to beat the Mudrock on level 10 this is the way you do it. After you destroy the spaceship and you get to the Mudrock go to the bridge that connects where you are and the Mudrock is. [Make sure you have somebody with a heavy shield] DO NOT GO ACROSS THE BRIDGE YET!!
    When the Mudrock starts firing on you STOP. Your guy should automatically put up his shield. Once this happens order your guys to full attack. Your guys will now go attack the Mudrock. Don't worry about them. The idiot Mudrock will just keep shooting at you.
    Submitted by Rumble
  • Misson 7 help

    Here is some help on the hard misson, misson 07, take the path to the right hiding behind rocks. Then advance up to the Guntank and destroy it with your melee weapon. to the left of the right path is a ramp go up it. keep walking to the northwest. The other guntank is there. Destroy it. Now send out your troops down the Left passage. HINT: to easily destroy Big Tray, use Zaku 1B with it's shotgun.
    Submitted by Anavel Gato

Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front Unlockables

  • Ace Mode

    Beat The game once to get ace mode
    Submitted by None
  • Secret characters in simulator

    Beat The game and you can use LC Schmister.
    You can get more secret characters by completing certain simulations.
    Submitted by FRY
  • Get Sayla Character

    Get 3 C ranks or below on the Federation missions
    Submitted by None
  • Get Garma Zabi Character

    Get a S rank on Simulation Program 2
    Submitted by None
  • Get Char Aznable Character

    Get a S rank on Simulation Program 1
    Submitted by None
  • Get Mudrock (Agar's Gundam)

    To get the mudrock you must earn two S rankings in the federation simulations. The mudrock starts out with a rifle and the more A or S's you get the better equipment he will get. The best equipment you can pretty much get with it is a middle shield and a beam rifle. (But is still really cool!)
    Submitted by Gregory Harris

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