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MLB 99 Cheats Cheats

  • Player Built for Home Runs

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    Make a player that is 60 inches tall, a small build and has zero attributes
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  • Superhuman Players

    Enter the name of any development team member(located in the back of the manual-Scott Murray for instance) at the player creation screen or during Spring Training
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  • Easier Hits

    When playing the computer and while at bat hold DOWN and press POWER
    GameShark Codes

    Away Team Scores 0 800192080000

    Away Team Scores 50 800192083232

    Away Team Starts W/ 10 Runs d00192080000

    Press L2 For 2 Outs d00b19000001

    Press R2 For 0 Outs d00b19000002

    Press L1 For 2 Strikes d00b19000004

    Press R1 For 0 Strikes d00b19000008

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