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MLB 2006 Cheats

  • Metal Bats

    Entry location: On the pause menu in a franchise submit this cheat.
    R2, L1, L1, R1, Left, Right, L1
    Submitted by Redsox10123
  • Cheap Created Players

    When you do a season create your player and don't change his stats. Sign your player for 7 years for the minimum. After he is signed put his stats up then you will have your created player for 7 years and for cheap.
    Submitted by Nick "Chief" Arellano
  • Create Stadium and Advertisement

    Select "Game Modes", then "Franchise". Select "Business", then choose "Stadium". You can now create your seats, ticket price, and more. You can also choose "Marketing" at the "Business" menu and go to "Promotions". From here you can make bobble heads, bat nights, ball nights, and television settings in "TV".
    Submitted by None
  • Easy Homeruns

    An easy way to hit homeruns is to go to game tuning in the options menu and turn contact and power to full and then do an exhibition or a quick game and it will be alot easier to hit homeruns.
    Submitted by Matt Showers
  • How to get strikeouts easier

    First pick a pitcher with really tricky pitches like knuckle ball and Forkball. When you are in a game use either Steve Cardwell or Tim Wakefield. Then throw the pitches in there cold spots or outside. i once got 14 strikeouts. So use this tip and pitchers to win big games
    Submitted by James
  • Fart Mode

    Pause the game and press Up (2), Down (2), Left, Right, Left, Right.
    Submitted by Rabbit
  • Super EASY Strikeouts

    To do this just make a pitcher with a fastball and splitter. Or just use a pitcher that is already good at those pitches. In the game pause it go to options put pitch speed all the way up for you and contact and power all the way down for the computer. Then pitch fastballs on the inside part (for lefties batting pitch right and vice-versa for righties.) Do that for two strikes then since the splitter drops dramatically just start the splitter right in the middle, it will go out of the zone but the batters swing at it 99% of the time.
    Submitted by YEAHTOAST22
  • Easy Gameplay

    At the main menu go to options then game tuning when you arrive there you will see game sliders put all of player 1 and player 2 up and put computer all the way down that makes for easier gameplay.
    Submitted by lil_pimp_in_da_club_202

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