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Mike Piazza's Strikezone Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mike Piazza's Strikezone Cheats

  • View the Credits

    Enter the following code at the titles screen to enable a credits option: R, A, Z, R, C"r, A, B.
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  • View Hidden Messages

    At the title screen, enter: C"u, R, B, B for hidden messages.
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  • Various Cheats

    To activate these cheats, press L, R, L, R at the "Today's Game" Screen. Then press the button combination for that cheat.

    C"r, A, Z, C"u, L, R, Z Alternate Skies
    R, A, Z, B, A, L, L Aluminum Bats
    R, Down, B, A, Right Colored Bats 1(Red)
    B, L, B, A, Right Colored Bats 2(Blue)
    C"r, A, Z, B, A, L, L Crazy Ball
    C"R, A, Z, C"u, R, B Crazy Pitch
    Right, A, C"u, L, A Devil's Thumb Stadium
    L, A, Down, R Easy Homeruns
    C"l, A, Down, C"u, Z Easy Steals
    L, A, Z, R, B, A, L, L Game Speed 1(Fast)
    Up, L, L, B, A, L, L Game Speed 2(Slow)
    Up, R, A, L Gravity Control 1(High)
    Up, Down, L, Up, R Gravity Control 2(Low)
    Z, B, R, A Psycho Bats
    C"r, A, Z, C"u, R, L Varied Pitches
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