Midnight Club: Los Angeles

The damage you pick up in races can be repaired on the fly, but usually with second-hand parts. So if you want your car to look its best, you must return to your garage to get the full repair and get the ultimate spit and polish.

Those new to street racing will of course want the streets relatively empty when they compete, so will appreciate the quieter night streets. Hardcore racers, on the other hand, may prefer the added challenge that rush hour traffic will bring and boldly step out of the cover of night to race in daylight hours.

It’s an interesting introduction and allows Rockstar to show off their virtual recreation of LA in the sunshine. As for the actual gameplay, it’s still a free roaming setup that allows you to pick up races as you cruise through the city. Then when the racing starts, it’s still that fine balance of convincing handling and over-the-top action that’s made Midnight Club a firm favourite amongst many gear heads. With Need for Speed going all sensible and track-based on us, it’s great to see Midnight Club staying true to its larger-than-life racing roots.

Jan 25, 2008


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