Micro Machines V4 in motion

• Micro Machines V4 (MOV, 9.07MB)

Tuesday 13 June 2006
Here's a handful of new shots and the first ever video footage to get you revved up for Micro Machines v4, which is due out for PS2, PSP, PC and DS at the end of the month.

Updating its classic, dinky racing formula with some riotous car combat (no surprise, considering it's being made by the folks behind Mashed), it's packing a serious amount of content: 50 tracks, 750 cars across 25 vehicle types, 25 weapons and power-ups, and a track editor that lets you decide your own route through each of the game's courses.

Brilliantly, PSP and PS2 owners can play against one another online. Plus, whenever you challenge another player, you've got the chance to play 'Pink Slip' style, whereby you both gamble a vehicle as prize for the winner to walk away with.

Will that classic formula hold up, now that we've already been playing Mashed for a while, and when game series like Burnout and FlatOut have brought messy multiplayer motor madness bang up to date? We'll have a review for you soon...


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