Metroid Prime 3 - video walkthrough

Your first mission here is to seek out the Aurora unit. Along the way, be sure to scan all the new crates, enemies and objects that pop up. The Databots also display lore entries after they've been shot, so make sure you pop them all at least once. Use the Hyper Ball to pass through Main Docking Access and continue on through the zipline and on towards Transit Hub. There's an easily grabbed missile expansion here too, on the very path you'll be taking. Don't miss it! You'll also find, through scanning, that there's a multi-targeted lock that contains a powerful explosive device. Remember that.

Grab the missiles underneath the red security bars in Barracks Access, remember that you'll need the Spider Ball to grab another upgrade inside the Morph Ball access and then go on to face Steamlord. Put him down to get a new Energy Tank. Also remember that this room contains an Energy Cell - you'll need it later. From here it's a pretty straightforward jaunt to the Aurora unit. It's infected and locked up tight - you'll need the Boost Ball to get inside. Keep heading forward (hit up the nearby save if necessary) and you'll come to the Spire Dock.

Take the path to the right and you'll land on Junction. Pass through to Skybridge Hera, collect the missiles in the pillar and move onward towards Construction Bay. Blast the lock off the floating platform to release the bridge. Inside you'll bomb three slots that release three obstructing sheets. Keep moving on until you confront the boss in Ballista Storage. Here's another simple boss that repeats the same attacks over and over again - shoot the antenna, yank the shield off, shoot the core. There you go. You're rewarded with the Boost Ball, which will let you power all these strange access ports you've seen on the ground. Oh, and it also lets you access the Aurora unit.

Head back to the Aurora unit (next to Zipline Station Bravo) and Ghor will reappear - and he's not behaving like his usual self. The newly healed Mother Br-er, Aurora will task you with stopping Ghor. You probably saw his hunk of armor earlier but it's no longer there. Now he's busy trashing your ship at Main Docking Bay. As you head back, grab the Energy Tank in Arrival Station - you need the Boost Ball to activate the launcher, so now's the perfect time. Then on to Ghor:

Corrupted Ghor is easy, but time consuming. First aim for his back, then his head until he starts whizzing around in his second form, which happens to dangle a new weak point between his legs. Boost Ball into it to open his face up again, and in his final mode, just use Hyper Beam as much as possible. Victory earns you the Plasma Beam, which melts metal, welds circuits together and burns enemies to dust. Take it back to the Aurora unit (after nabbing the hidden missiles in Main Docking Bay's damaged hallway). Use your Plasma Beam to melt the metal away from the cannon in Transit Hub to get back even faster. Once there, use the Plasma Beam to weld the circuits back together and retrieve your new mission - assembling a massive thermonuclear device. It's a long, multi step process, which begins back on Bryyo.

Head over to Landing Site A, an area just added to your map. You can unlock this site for future landings, plus grab the ship missile expansion in Security Station. Now it's back to Bryyo - Fiery Airdock, to be specific.

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  • mario64 - October 18, 2009 9:48 p.m.

    where are the energy cells located?? i cant finde non im at where u are in a ship an need lots of energy cells
  • bloodstainedwolf - September 3, 2008 4:46 a.m.

    Yo i just wanted to say that this is bloodstainedwolf from the GR forum. This is a great walk through for Metroid and it's helped me in so many ways.
  • jeffrey3133 - September 3, 2009 12:39 p.m.

    this is dumb other than i LOVE metroid games

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