Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

So the PS2 version doesn't hold back the scope of the next-gen version?

Zamkoff: Not at all. We try to decouple the project on purpose. They have both the mandate to downscale the next-gen assets or model them if they want to. Again we have certain criteria; it has to take place in Venezuela, the main story has to be the same but we want to give these guys the freedom to make the best game possible.

Any plans for PSP?

Zamkoff: We looked at it, we did a mock-up and made a really cool version of it but we just don't have enough developers. We try really hard to stay up all night long, but we had to pick our battles on this one.

We had a really cool mock-up, it was actually playable on one of the last-gen consoles. We had to pick our battles and we decided to put all of the internal team's energy on the next-gen SKU.

The Venezuelan government is trying to get the game banned. What's your take on that?

Rubbish! We're a work of creative fiction. We'd be doing the same thing if we hadn't had any of the controversy.

Our Venezuela is very fictitious. We have some names of the cities but it's not going for a realistic feel. We're certainly over the top action, it's almost ridiculous at times what we do.

We're not trying to cause controversy; we're not a blood and guts game, we're not doing anything horrifically violent. It's big explosions but it's not violence for violence sake, we're just not trying to create that kind of controversy, we're not trying to get into the M rated realm.

I think rightfully so, there's a government in Venezuela and they're having their moment right now in general. They're in the news a lot and for them it's kind of cool to make these ridiculous statements, but we have no animosity for the people of Venezuela, it just happens to be a setting that we think is kind of cool.


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