Mega Man Maverick Hunter X review

  • Lots of classic, rock-solid action
  • Vile mode adds a dose of novelty
  • Very nice animation as a bonus
  • Veteran gamers will get deja vu
  • Looks nice, but no big change
  • The classic version is AWOL
What's fresh are the refurbished, newly polygonal graphics, which give the game a sense of 3D depth that the old 2D sprites never could. The overall effect is nice, if not completely necessary. The music is also redone, though again, it's arguable whether these remixes are an improvement over the excellent SNES tunes.

Indeed, Mega Man X veterans may wonder what the point is. The gameplay is as fast and well-designed as ever, but it's still largely identical to the old game. Why pay $30 more to play the same game? The true answer becomes apparent upon clearing X's adventure, as that's when Vile mode unlocks. As the name implies, you get to take on the role of one of X's nastiest nemeses, which makes for a completely different experience. Vile features an all-new and rather interesting weapons system, and he'll need to make full use of many of his dozens of weapons to contend with each stage's remixed, more difficult new enemy layouts. Vile mode is a fantastic mix of old and new, as if Capcom unearthed a polished but unreleased gem from 1993.

More Info

Release date: Jan 31 2006 - PSP (US)
Jan 31 2006 - PSP (UK)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Action
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Violence

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