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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats

  • Secret Varsword Code: Longsword

    Hold A and press down down-right right.
    Submitted by shademandanielandjacob
  • Numberman Lotto #s(Higsbys shop)

    GunDelSolEX G 74293099
    Wideshot3 T 68009092
    ColorPoint * 19095677
    Flameline 3 J 57604335
    TwinFang 3 G 88019791
    AirHockey 3 V 77038416
    Recover 300 J 66703422
    Varswrd C 03696458
    HP+500(white) 30873642
    MegaFolder2 02109544
    BusterPack 05178924
    Custom2 75420107
    HP+500(pink) 97618739
    Rush 73298100
    Beat 25435428
    Tango 10170506
    BodyPack 43494372
    Snake R 32108251
    FlameLine1 G 46292983

    Submitted by DarkSoul_Megaman
  • First 2 riddles

    Ok when you get to the part were chioso is kid napped here is the answer 2 the first 2 riddles the first one is "old man in square"
    the second is "green navi is in town area"
    Submitted by None

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Hints

  • How to stop the Sonic Waves

    To stop the sonic waves you have to go to Electown and battle a green navi. After you beat the green navi he will give you the ear plugs you need to stop the sonic waves, and you'll be closer to saving Roll.
    Submitted by Bryan delacruz
  • How To Get The Souls

    On red sun you can get up to three souls. but there are six different souls. roll's ,Gutsman's , Fireman's, Searchman's, Thunderman's,and Windman's. To get the souls you beat them.
    Submitted by Adam
  • 2 Golden bugs

    When u have to find the 2 gold bug things, 1 is in Yai's white teddy bear, bug 2 is in the tree closest to the pink squirrel in acdc town.
    Submitted by Anthony Lorenzo

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