Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats

  • Game Boy | Submitted by shademandanielandjacob

    Secret Varsword Code: Longsword

    Hold A and press down down-right right.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by DarkSoul_Megaman

    Numberman Lotto #s(Higsbys shop)

    GunDelSolEX G 74293099
    Wideshot3 T 68009092
    ColorPoint * 19095677
    Flameline 3 J 57604335
    TwinFang 3 G 88019791
    AirHockey 3 V 77038416
    Recover 300 J 66703422
    Varswrd C 03696458
    HP+500(white) 30873642
    MegaFolder2 02109544
    BusterPack 05178924
    Custom2 75420107
    HP+500(pink) 97618739
    Rush 73298100
    Beat 25435428
    Tango 10170506
    BodyPack 43494372
    Snake R 32108251
    FlameLine1 G 46292983

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    First 2 riddles

    Ok when you get to the part were chioso is kid napped here is the answer 2 the first 2 riddles the first one is "old man in square"
    the second is "green navi is in town area"

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Hints

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Anthony Lorenzo

    2 Golden bugs

    When u have to find the 2 gold bug things, 1 is in Yai's white teddy bear, bug 2 is in the tree closest to the pink squirrel in acdc town.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Bryan delacruz

    How to stop the Sonic Waves

    To stop the sonic waves you have to go to Electown and battle a green navi. After you beat the green navi he will give you the ear plugs you need to stop the sonic waves, and you'll be closer to saving Roll.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Adam

    How To Get The Souls

    On red sun you can get up to three souls. but there are six different souls. roll's ,Gutsman's , Fireman's, Searchman's, Thunderman's,and Windman's. To get the souls you beat them.