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Mega Man 9 - Xbox Live Arcade Cheats

  • Boss Weakness Chart

    Boss on the left, weakness on the right:

    Concrete Man - Splash Woman
    Galaxy Man - Concrete Man
    Jewel Man - Galaxy Man
    Plug Man - Jewel Man
    Splash Woman - Hornet Man
    Magma Man - Tornado Man
    Tornado Man - Plug Man
    Hornet Man - Magma Man
    Submitted by Belstonator
  • Complete Video Guide

    Use our Mega Man 9 Video Guide. If you don't, Dr. Wiley wins!
    Submitted by Belstonator

Mega Man 9 - Xbox Live Arcade Unlockables

  • Achievements

    Almost Invincible (20) - Clear the game without continuing.
    Blue Bomber (10) - Defeat a Boss without getting damaged.
    Conservationist (20) - Clear the game by using the least amount of Weapon Energy possible.
    Destroyer (20) - Defeat your 1000th enemy.
    Gamer's Day (20) - Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.
    Invincible (30) - Clear the game without dying.
    Jitterbug (20) - Clear the game in 60 minutes or less.
    No Coffee Break (10) - Clear the game without using any Energy or Mystery Tanks.
    Peacekeeper (20) - Clear the game by defeating the fewest number of enemies possible.
    Trusty Sidearm (20) - Defeat the 8 Bosses with the Mega Buster.
    Whomp Wily! (5) - Clear the game once.
    World Warrior (5) - Defeat every type of enemy.
    Submitted by Radar

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More Info

Release date: Oct 01 2008 - Xbox 360 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Franchise: Mega Man
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Mild Cartoon Violence