Meet the men of Crackdown

Russian Agent: This creepy-looking meat tank might be a good guy, but his inspiration is full-bore boogeyman. Not wanting to delve too heavily into Bolshevik stereotypes, the designers instead turned to Kurgan, the growly, maniacal villain of Highlander. The result is a man who looks ready and eager to cleave your head open with a battleaxe. Yeah, we're down with that.

Maori Agent: New Zealand's tattooed tribal warriors will always be cool, but for this guy, the designers wanted to blend old with new. He starts out more or less unremarkable-looking, except for being the only character to wear his hair in a bun, but as he gets more powerful, you'll see traditional Maori touches weaved in with punk flourishes. Like the sickhouse tattoos and hair spikes in the picture above, for example.


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