Meet The Lesbian Vampires: Judy recently spent the day hanging out at a photoshoot with the girls from upcoming Brit schlock-horror movie Lesbian Vampire Killers. Yes, yes. Tough job, someone's gotta do it, etc.

You can see the results of the shoot in the next issue of Total Film Magazine, on sale in all newsagents on Thursday 5 March.

Over the next five days, we'll be presenting exclusive, behind-the-scenes shots of every girl who took part – as well as some extremely cool, Grindhouse-style poster art (see below).

We'll also have (mildly spoilerish) interviews with the girls.

Next up, Lucy Gaskell, who plays Mat Horne's mean girlfriend Judy, on Lost Boys, Shaun Of The Dead and having no manners...


Tell us about your character...

She’s everyone’s worst nightmare, she’s the worst girlfriend in the world. She treats Jimmy, played by Mat Horne, really badly. She’s continuously dumping him and aspiring to a better boyfriend for herself.

But it doesn’t work out with better boyfriend, so she goes back to Jimmy and he keeps taking her back time and time again. God knows why, I wouldn’t. She’s just a terrible girlfriend. She’s all lipstick and no manners.

So you must have done a lot of scenes with Mat...

I really enjoyed working with Mat, he’s really generous to work with.

And how was James?

Hilarious as you can imagine. The two of them are so fantastic. Before I knew I got the job, I knew there were attached and when I got the audition I was so delighted.

I’d admired them from afar for a while and I just loved Gavin And Stacey so much. They’re both hugely talented.

Was it a flirtatious set?

I don’t think there was time for any flirting, it’s such a tight schedule – it was a huge team effort to get in there, get it shot, move on, move on, move on…

What’s your favourite vampire movie?

The Lost Boys, I love that film. When I saw it I was a hormonal teenager and I just thought it was a really sexy film.

Is Lesbian Vampire Killers the new Lost Boys? The Lost Girls?

It’s nothing like The Lost Boys, it’s more Shaun Of The Dead.

Were you a fan of Shaun?

I loved it, absolutely love that film. It’s so cool.

What did you like about it? The horror, the humour?

Everything about it just worked. On paper I didn’t fancy it, it wasn’t my kind of film, but it totally converted me to this genre I enjoyed it so much.

It made me laugh out loud and the relationship between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is so strong, they’re just a fantastic duo just like Mat and James. They’ve got a chemistry that works onscreen and off.


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