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MediEvil Resurrection Cheats, Codes & Guides

MediEvil Resurrection Cheats

  • Cheat menu

    To unlock the cheat menu, press the START button, hold R, and press Down, Up, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle.
    You should see a new option, 'Cheats', appear. In here you will find Invulnerability and All weapons. This cheat has only been confirmed for the EU version.
    Submitted by Sephiroth_VII

MediEvil Resurrection Hints

  • Getting Woden's Brand

    All you need to do to get Woden's Brand is to get gold (or Magic) on each challenge, on each level, on each carnival game in Gallowmere Plains. Woden's brand is a wicked two-handed sword that kills most enemies in 1 hit (not powered up). It calls all enemies in one hit using any powered up attack (excluding bosses).
    Submitted by ADAMJ

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